Getting Started With Your Website Hero Section

Getting Started With Your Website Hero Section

A couple of years ago when I first started reading and hearing about page heroes, my first instinct was to pick up a Marvel comic and have a flick through to see what I had missed!😁 As you have no doubt already discovered, the website world is full of its own language, rich with plenty of jargon on offer.

So what is a website hero section and why should you bother with it when planning your website? For most of your visitors, your hero section, often referred to as the page hero is the first item they will see when they arrive on your website. It is a section placed above the fold, often consisting of a large image and text.

Here is an example of a page hero for a kitchen designer.

Kitchen designer website page hero
This page hero example tells the visitor exactly what they do, it gives some detail and tells them why they would want such a thing. In this example, it also emphasises the transformation being promised.

Why Are Page Heroes So Effective?

Page heroes are very much about that all important first impression, providing clarity to your website visitors who want to find out quickly what’s being offered to them.

A recurring topic that I always emphasise during my free client strategy sessions is that you’ve only got a moment to get your website visitor’s attention, otherwise… within 3 seconds, click and they’ve gone! I mentioned in an earlier blog post about the importance of headlines in keeping your visitors on your site.

Your page hero is another extremely important part of this process and needs to be considered carefully. It gives a first impression of sorts so it is crucial that it does the job of keeping your visitors there and aiming to move them through to the next stage of your sales funnel. Whether this is to sign up for a training course, book a consultation or something else, your aim is to get your visitors to take that all important CTA (call to action).

Here is an example of a website page hero that a dog trainer could use.

What to Include In Your Page Hero

To be effective, a page hero needs to begin with a catchy heading and sub-headline which is a sentence or two and it needs to be snappy, yet attention grabbing. It must clearly and concisely communicate three things to your visitors.

When considering these, it is important to ensure you avoid the following pitfalls:-

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