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Promoting your wares is no easy feat!

So you’ve got your website up and running and it’s firing on all cylinders. So where are all the visitors! There was a time when getting a good ranking on Google was as easy as employing a few search engine optimisation tricks and you were away.

Tread carefully. In 2020, using the latest tricks or 'Black Hat' SEO shortcuts are likely to get your website penalised, or worse still, totally banned from the search engines!

The world wide web is a very crowded place with your competitors seeking new customers and opportunities. To be successful you need the right strategies to keep your brand in front of your potential customers.

Many of the people we speak with underestimate the importance of utilising an internet marketing strategy. Unless you are fortunate enough to be a global brand or a celebrity that everyone knows, you are going to need to work at getting noticed and finding customers.

We even completed a website for a client who complained, literally 5 minutes after their site went live, that they couldn’t be found on Google!


Getting Good Rankings on Google Isn't Easy!

If you want to achieve a good ranking then you’ve got your work cut out for you.

It is important to realise that Google’s indexing algorithms have evolved over time to ensure their customers find relevant content from their internet searches. No surprises there because after all, that is the goal of a search engine. So how does this impact you?

The bottom line is that your website ranking is likely to be in the doldrums, unless you are prepared to put in some serious, hard work! Don’t despair, there are other ways and the answer very simply is…

Don't Rely Solely on Google!

For many years now, Google has been the starting point for most people searching for information online. Did you know that people are spending their time very differently online now?

Video is now the primary way people want to learn, shop and interact online. Here are some facts and statistics to back up this statement and wet your appetite!

And if you need further convincing, then consider this …

Search engines are already favoring video in their search results and it is easier to rank than written content!

How Can We Help?

We can help you market your products or services via avenues including the following:-


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