10 Steps to Create Winning Headlines

10 Steps To Create Winning Headlines

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Once you’ve identified your buyer persona, come up with a great USP (unique selling proposition) and put together your benefits and features list, you are now ready to start working on some written content for your website.

Understanding your reader’s mindset will help you know what’s on their mind when they visit your website.

Many of the people that I speak with during our free strategy sessions rush into writing their site content and give their headlines limited consideration. You always need to remember that it is very easy for your visitors to leave your website and visit any one of millions of other sites with the click of their mouse. Your site visitors need to know what’s on each page of interest to them and your website page hero section and headline is the place to do this.

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people will make the effort to read a headline but only 2 will continue on to read the rest of your content? So if you don’t grab your visitor’s attention very quickly then ….. click you’ve lost them! Based on these numbers, it seems a no-brainer to me that it makes a lot of sense to spend 80% of your efforts working on your headlines.

You’ve only got a few brief seconds to catch their eye and get their attention so you need to present them with a headline that promises them exactly what they want. If your headline gets their interests then they may read on but they are in a hurry and won’t spend much time. Here’s some tips to help get you started with those winning headlines…

10 Tips To Help Get Started With Your Headlines

1) Preparation is the key. Begin by firstly doing your research and clearly identify these 5 key elements.

2) Learn all you can about your audience. It’s important to understand why this audience will be interested in your offering. Ask yourself, “What is the single, most-compelling reason why a prospect should choose me, my product or service over my competition?”

3) Visualise your prospect as you write your headline. Create a image of the person you want your headline to address and keep this in your mind. This will help you develop a headline that appeals to your reader.

4) Delve into all aspects of the product or service in detail. View it from unique perspectives and in different ways. Often some of the freshest headlines are waiting to be discovered by making that additional effort.

5) Know the competitive environment before getting started. This is extremely important and will help you come up with a headline that is unique and that stands out amongst others vying for the same audience. You need to find a different angle or edge to exploit and find something your competitors aren’t using.

Checkout my 5 Types of Catchy Headlines That Sell video below for further headline writing tips.

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6) Consider possible barriers and objections and provide a good explanation. Is there a major barrier or misconception you need to address relating to your product, service or industry?

7) Talk to your existing customers. Get to really know them and try to find out more what motivated them to buy from you. This will help make the right connection with new prospects.

8) Put together a listing of headlines that have attracted your attention and keep them handy. Have these close by when you are attempting to write your own headline.

9) Clear your mind. You need to work on your headlines in a good space, with a calm relaxed mind and a positive attitude.

10) Don’t rush your headline development. Be prepared to experiment, try different word combinations, rewrite and revise. You’ll get there if you keep at it.

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