4 Easy, Engaging Video Content Ideas

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One of the topics included in the building trust and credibility section of my Ultimate Website Planning Checklist relates to the inclusion of promotional videos on your website. Utilising video content is a great way to build trust with your website visitors. This is very challenging on a faceless medium such as the world wide web where you miss the peronal one-on-one interaction.

The following video which I put together for my Cool Promo Video service last year, is 1 1/2 minutes in length, explains why video is so popular and the excellent results that businesses are getting that utilise it.

I know that putting together promotional videos seems daunting to many of you and a good number of the queries I receive from readers of my Ultimate Website Planning Checklist relate to the topic of videos. Many people are put off by the complexity and expense but with the right tools, it is actually easier than you think.

In my Which Video Creator Should I Use post, I take you through the product I’ve used over the past couple of years and include a review/demonstration video that I put together last year.

Here are 4 video content ideas to help get you started…

1. Before and After Videos

A good before and after video works well for businesses that provide products or services that improve the way things look. They are a great way to show your future clients how you can help them. For me, the immediate example that immediately comes to mind are those endless weight loss ads 😉 where they show before and after views of people who have lost enormous amounts of weight in a short time.

There are tons of businesses that can use this to their advantage and here are just a few…

The following 4 1/2 minute video contains further information on before and after videos.

2. Question and Answer (Q&A) Videos

One of the checklist items in the keywords section of my Ultimate Website Planning Checklist relates to targeting customers based on what their focus or intent might be. This leads perfectly into the topic of Q&A Videos. Whether your viewers are looking to build an awareness on a topic, do research and comparisons or be ready to buy something, a well put together Q&A video will answer their questions.

The following 5 1/2 minute video takes you through how to come up with Q&A video ideas and I also step you through the components of a good Q&A video.

3. Customer Video Testimonials

One of the items in the building trust and credibility section of my Ultimate Website Planning Checklist, relates to customer testimonials which I recommend you obtain before commencing work on your website. If you are like me, then you’ve probably seen those endless written testimonials plastered all over websites from John Smith and Jane Doe. It is fair to say that written testimonials perhaps don’t have the weight they once did with your prospects.

Videos enable a much stronger personal connection because your prospects see and hear your customers delivering their testimonial. So instead of doing all your own promotion, why not ask a happy customer who is ready to sing your praises to do it for you instead!

The following 6 minute video includes 5 customer video testimonial tips to help you plan and produce your own customer video testimonials.

4. Listicle videos

The final video type that I want to share in this post is the Listicle video which are probably the easiest type of video for our brains to engage with.

This is because our brains like a list format and listicle videos provide viewers with a good day to absorb any information presented. Listicle videos are also a great tool when putting together lead magnets for your website. So for example if you are a plumber looking at ways to gain customers you could offer a video such as “5 Simple Plumbing Fixes You Can Do At Home”.

The following 4 1/2 minute video takes you through the process of creating your listicle video and coming up with a good title.

I hope these ideas help get those creative juices flowing and get you started with your promotional videos.

I’d love to hear about what you’ve come up with so please let me know via the comments below, so I can help others with ideas.

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