Wordpress site developmentIn recent years, WordPress has become an extremely popular content management system (CMS) and is my preferred choice. Using a CMS for your website/blog makes it easy for you to add and modify content on an ongoing basis.

I prefer to empower site owners to be able to do this themselves via training etc. but I can of course do it all for you if this is your preference. The websites that I build use a theme which has a user friendly control panel, making it easy for you to work on your site.

This website was built using this very theme!

There are many excellent reasons to have your website/blog set up using WordPress and here are just a few…

  • Ease of use – WordPress provides you with an easy to use website/blog that you can update or add new content to quickly and easily.
  • It has a lot of the functionality you have come to expect from a word processor including a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor and an auto save.
  • It has been designed to be search engine friendly.
  • It is a widely used platform, in use on millions of sites, so there is an easily accessible pool of knowledge and its workings.
  • It can be used as both a blog and website making it ideal for any social media strategy, which should form part of your web presence strategy.
  • It is easily scalable via plugins, often allowing additional functionality to be added at no cost and in minimal time.
  • It runs in a PHP/MySQL open source environment and can be hosted from a few dollars per month.

I install and configure WordPress sites using a theme which makes this platform as close as you can get to a “website in a box” without any ongoing fees. This premium theme provides you with an extensive control panel and resources to configure your own WordPress site to suit your own needs.

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