Is your existing website getting results?

website reviewIt is important to monitor your site performance on an ongoing basis since otherwise it’s like a ship without a navigator – going nowhere!

I can help by visiting your existing site and looking for any problems or where your search engine optimisation is letting you down.

This includes an analysis of the following:-

  • “On page” factors such as a poor use of html tags and keyword density that are likely to impact your site’s search engine ranking.
  • Visitor numbers (identifying both total visitor and unique visitor numbers).
  • Popular entry pages and pages where visitors tend to leave the site.
  • How visitors are finding your website.
  • How long they are spending on your website.
  • What countries your visitors are from.
  • What search engines are delivering traffic to your website and in what volumes.
  • What keywords and phrases are bringing traffic to your website.
  • Any errors that are occurring due to missing pages or incorrect links etc.
  • What other websites are referring traffic to your site.

How Your Website Can Be Improved?

Of course, the problem with reviewing a website’s performance purely on historical data is that these fail to identify areas that may have been overlooked when your website was originally conceived and implemented. After all, many websites are built without any pre-planning!

As part of my service I’ll take a look at opportunities that you might be missing and will report back to you.

To complete an analysis of an existing website I will require access to at least two months of your site’s log files. Don’t know what these are? Check with your hosting company – this is standard data provided by hosts at no extra charge, so ask them if you are unsure. This is important information on how your site is performing and you need to know how to access it.