Website Development

Whether you are seeking a simple website or something more complex, requiring dynamic pages and database integration, I can help with the setup/development of any of the following:-

  • Static (fixed page) websites consisting of a few or many pages.
  • Dynamic loading websites with advanced functionality utilising PHP/MySQL, Javascript, AJAX and other technologies.
  • Added functionality to existing sites such as eCommerce, automation and database driven features.
  • Websites/blogs utilising the WordPress content management system (CMS). These provide you with the ability to configure and update your own website/blog with ease.

All of the websites that I produce have the following characteristics:-

  • Quick loading – everything on the world wide web is a click away and you have a limited time to gain your visitor’s attention or ‘click’.
  • Simple navigation – your visitors need to find what they are looking for quickly and easily and if they find your website difficult to navigate then ‘click’.
  • Simple to use – my sites are simple to use and viewable in a range of browsers and screen resolutions, not requiring proprietary plug ins etc. I do not use technologies that will confuse people who are new to computing or the internet such as Flash or Java.
  • Mobile device friendly – my sites are designed to load correctly in phones/tablets with varying screensizes such as Android phones and Apple Iphones and Ipads. Google, since a recent algorithm update, is now penalizing site that are not mobile device friendly.

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