Webmaster Services

webmaster servicesYou know what software developers are like – they’re always coming out with something new – we all dread those endless Windows updates don’t we 🙂

These updates are often essential to install without delay because they are not just “bells and whistles” but often distributed to fix security flaws or loopholes.

I regularly receive enquiries from people whose websites have been developed using software such as Joomla, WordPress, shopping carts and forum software which often require updates and I can assist you.

Recent Work

To give you more of a feel for the sort of help I can provide, here are some recent jobs that I’ve completed for websites and blogs:-

  • Automated allocation of membership numbers for two websites to enable participation in competitions.
  • Wrote a PHP script to allow a client to split test pages.
  • Fixed a problem with a WordPress site that was preventing images from displaying.
  • Fixed problems with a PHP/MySQL membership area script that had been incorrectly installed.
  • Assisted with product launch by writing and deploying PHP/MySQL script to allow secure delivery of downloadable content stored on Amazon S3 servers.
  • Developed an autoresponder script utilising PHP and MySQL to deliver course content.
  • Moved a WordPress blog from one host to another, avoiding any downtime.
  • Added autoresponder code to a website.
  • Paypal immediate payment notification (IPN) scripting using PHP/MySQL to allow secure delivery and emailing of purchasers for downloadable digital content sales.

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