Here are some testimonials that I’ve received from my clients.

Helen Thompson Testimonial“Thank you Jonathan for setting up the website/blog for my new baby massage business.
I wanted to be able to add new content and edit existing content without needing to pay someone every time and this set up is perfect for my needs!Thanks also for the training and making sure I knew what I was doing.”

Helen Thompson

“I just want to take this opportunity to heartily recommend Jonathan to anyone who may be thinking of starting a web site or blog page.
I am an administrator for a very active and successful Facebook group, and we decided we needed a website as well to manage event organising away from the ever changing Facebook environment.
Jonathan helped me to set up our website, did all the fiddly bits, wrote some script and got it all going. Now we have a fully functioning website that I can navigate with just a few clicks of the mouse.
I can add pages, add content, decide if I want to enable comments etc. I can add or remove images and change content as easily as if I were using MS Word – easier in fact. I received quality training during the setup phase from Jonathan, who was very patient and explained stuff until it sunk in. He answered all my questions in good clear English, which I really appreciated as well.
If I have any new questions I need to ask him, I always get a response very quickly with a solution shortly after.
Absolutely brilliant customer service. Highly recommended.”

Eric J Methven. G1SLP
Webmaster – Amateur QRP Radio
Durham, England

“When I first had the idea of doing the Living in Burnie survey, I expected a handful of family and friends to complete it. I never anticipated it going viral within the Burnie area and the responses well exceeded my expectations!
Whilst this was an excellent position to be in, it left me with a dilemma. How could I provide people with the ability to view this many survey submissions? The survey software enabled an export into Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format but this was unwieldy and not suited to so many submissions.
Jonathan suggested setting up a website database to provide this functionality and what he has come up with is great. The pagination he has included makes it easy to navigate and view the submissions and it even looks great on tablets and smartphones. It was also helpful dealing with someone who is actually based in Burnie, North West Tasmania!
If you are looking for assistance with your website or a database then I highly recommend Jonathan’s services.”

Bob Tolputt
The Living in Burnie Survey