These are some of my most recent projects. Click on any image to visit the website. Further information on the following recent projects is accessible via these quicklinks on this page.

My Baby Massage website
Burnie BnB website

SA Parks Award website

Elegant Gifts

Elegant Gifts was a bricks and mortar gift store located in the city centre of Burnie in N.W. Tasmania (2018 no longer in business). Elegant Gifts approached me to build them an online store. This was the first time the business owners had looked into building a website and it was a fairly daunting task for them. I took the time to meet them face to face and discuss their requirements and this project included the following tasks:-

  • Consulting at all stages of the project, explaining clearly the requirements to build an online store presence. I selected an online store/E-commerce platform which met their needs and was scalable for their future needs.
  • Walked the customer through the process of obtaining a suitable domain name including a suggested name (which they went ahead with), website hosting and SSL certificate. I sat with them whilst they signed up for these services to ensure there were no problems experienced or questions needing answering.
  • Came up with a look and feel for the site using the customer’s logo and one of my standard headers (I have over 500 you can choose from and you can see some examples on this page of this site.).
  • Worded all pages including the site”s Frequently Asked Questions and planned the site navigation.
  • Devised an approach so that the customer could quickly import more than 50 products into their store, saving countless hours needing to input them manually.
  • Set up the store to the customer’s requirements, including such items as store categories, postage charges and taxes. Showed the customer how to use their store in detail.
  • Set up and tested the Paypal integration to ensure the store was operational.
  • Ensured the site has a backup/restore and security strategy in case of malicious activity or user error.

The online shop/E-commerce platform used also gave the customer the ability to sell their products from a Facebook business page or other avenues such as Google Checkout so they have plenty of options available to them.

Burnie BNB

The owners of a bed and breakfast in Burnie approached me wanting a website built. They were in the enviable position where they were not hungry for traffic due to their home being listed on platforms such as AirBNB, Stayz and Trip Adviser.

This brings them plenty of bookings during the spring/summer season and runs largely on auto pilot. However they did not want to be totally reliant on these platforms and wanted their own website, providing details about their property and the ability for a prospective guest to see if there was availability on particular dates. The website provides visitors with this ability via a booking page which includes a calendar which interfaces with Airbnb and Trip Adviser”s calendars, displaying availability on the website.

The website also displays a selection of guest reviews and explains what the booking process is, with links to the three booking platforms. A social media presence has also been set up and Facebook Ads are being utilised on quiet dates in an effort to lure travellers in the area to the bed and breakfast.

The Living in Burnie Survey

When Bob Tolputt decided to run the “Living in Burnie Survey” in late 2017, he anticipated some family and friends completing it. However, to Bob”s amazement, the survey went viral and he was inundated with responses. The final tally was almost 1,300 responses which in a city with a population of approximately 20,000 is an amazing feat!

Whilst Bob was absolutely delighted this left him with the question of how could he share the results with the survey participants and others in the Burnie region? The survey software included the option to export the submissions both as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and CSV (comma separated value) files. I suggested to Bob that I construct a basic website interface and database to provide an easy to use interface to view the survey submissions.

The site includes easy to use pagination and the ability to view any of the submissions quickly and easily. It also includes a download link for the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version.

SA Parks Award

The SA Parks Award is an amateur radio related activity which operates in the state of South Australia. The program is currently entirely manually operated using logs submitted via spreadsheet files. The individual who runs the program currently needs to check each log and there is no way of vetting and issuing awards without spending time manually tallying them. All in all extremely time wasting!

I devised a site which automates the process which also enables activators to submit their own logs. This saves the individual tasked with running the program from the hassle of needing to manually vet logs and check on award entitlements.