I’ve put together the following based on enquiries I regularly receive. When making an enquiry please ensure you supply me with as much detail as you can. Enquiries such as “help, my website isn’t working” don’t provide me with sufficient information.

Can you set up a website/blog that I can add to and edit myself?

Yes, this is my preferred format for all standard websites. I use the WordPress content management system which makes it easy for you to create and edit content on your website/blog on an ongoing basis. Please visit my home page for further details.

What do you need from me for your standard website and online shop/Ecommerce offerings?

In order for me to build a standard website, I will require the following from you:-

  • Full access to your website hosting account or WordPress installed on your website domain. I will also need full admin rights to the WordPress site to set it up and configure it accordingly. Please ensure your hosting account can accommodate WordPress with the necessary MySQL database and PHP capabilities. If you’re not sure, ask your hosting company. Please visit the website requirements page of this website for further information on these requirements.
  • Full wordings for all pages – I will include up to 5 with the standard website offering.
  • Your selection of header image – there are over 500 you can choose from.
  • Your address for the Google map that will be included on the site.

I am not located in Tasmania, can you help me?

Yes, I can work with you using avenues such as Skype for training and support. You will see from my Testimonials page that I’ve done work for people in places such as the UK!

Why does your pricing show as from for your basic website and online shop/E-commerce offerings?

My pricing for these offerings depends on how much time I calculate I need to spend on your website or online shop. Some of the factors I will consider are:-

  • Am I able to use one of my standard headers? Some examples are shown on the basic website page.
  • Have I been supplied with page wordings, necessary images/photographs and site navigation layouts?

I will of course help you with whatever is needed but my prices are likely to be lower the more detailed and succinct you are with your requirements and the less time I need to spend hunting for other resources such as images. I’ve provided further detail on these requirements in an earlier FAQ.

Can you build a website other than your standard website and online store/E-commerce offerings?

Yes, please contact me with details of what you require and I’ll get back to you. Please provide as much detail as possible.

Do you do PHP or MySQL database development?

Yes, I can design and build MySQL databases and I also use PHP to add additional functionality to websites.

Can you set up my website or install a script?

Yes, a lot of people have asked me for help who have purchased packages from so-called gurus promising five minute setups etc. which they can’t work out.