Are You Wanting to Build Your Own Website?

If you know how to use a word processor then you can build your own website/blog.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more frustrating than paying someone to design and set up your website only to be faced with ongoing fees every time you need to make any changes, is there?

Operating your own website/blog doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do it yourself even with a fairly basic level of computer literacy.


I can provide you with the tools to build your own website/blog that:-

  • looks great
  • is search engine friendly
  • is quick loading with user friendly navigation
  • works in all the main internet browsers without the need for annoying add-ons or plugins
  • is mobile device friendly, displaying correctly on devices including Apple Iphones/Ipads, Android phones and tablets and …

If Needed, I Will Show You How to Do It

And when I say training I do not mean a 20 second explanation that only a NASA engineer would understand. I mean training at your own pace.

I am not some twenty something techie type who will leave you more confused than when you started! With my IT industry background, I have provided one on one training to end users aged 18 – 90 for many years and I know how to help people at their pace.

I have spent many of those years working in computer support so have needed to support end users in a variety of software products.


Here is why this solution is well tailored to your needs:-

  • The site is built using the WordPress CMS (content management system) which is one of the most popular platforms available. There are tens of millions of WordPress sites on the internet and this platform is supported and updated regularly by a team of developers.
  • The WordPress environment includes a library of plugins, enabling you to extend your site’s functionality. You can easily incorporate additional functionality such as ecommerce as your site needs grow.
  • Unlike many sites, your site includes an easy to use control panel enabling you to quickly and effortlessly alter many aspects of its look, feel and navigation. It even has an ‘undo’ button to get you out of trouble when you make a mistake.. This makes it easy to produce and maintain a professional looking website.

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