ConsultingOne of the biggest challenges that I face is dealing with extremely vague requests. Requests such as “I need a website” don’t tell me much and I strongly suggest that you take the time to think through what you require before approaching someone like me.

And here’s your incentive…

It will save you time and money. I charge more when faced with requests such as this because I need to factor in my time to clarify and define what is required, when often, it only requires a few hours of pre-planning. I regularly hear examples of projects where developers have quit midstream which saddens me greatly because it gives all of us a bad name.

However, in many instances this occurs due to misunderstandings and vague communication. I will not involve myself in projects that are likely to end this way!

Before engaging someone like me, sit down and carefully consider some or all of the following – if you’re finding it difficult to describe, often, providing an example of a site that has a similar look or functionality will help. Here’s some tips and pointers that may help you..

Website Planning You Need to Do

  • Your target market and buyer/visitor personas. For example, there’s no point producing a hip, cool looking website full of Flash animations if your target is retirees.
  • The goal of your website, e.g. are you looking to sell products or services or generate leads.
  • Think about your brand/image and what makes you stand out from the competition.
  • The mindset of your ideal visitor and an initial brain dump of what their likely keyword/keyphrase searches could be.
  • The site navigation, preferred layout and page content.
  • Are there any required graphics/photographs and if so, have you got them organised in a web ready format and are there any copyright or other issues with using them.

Having this information ready is going to help whoever you engage to help you with your web presence.

My Consulting Includes

  • Search and analysis of potential target keywords/keyphrases, looking for opportunities that are both well targeted and highly searched.
  • An analysis of the competition, considering both ‘on’ and ‘off’ page SEO factors and their strength. You’ll find it extremely difficult to achieve a top 10 result in Google if you’re competing with well established sites and educational institutions etc. with thousands of backlinks.
  • A search for suitable domain names.
  • A search for highly ranked blogs, forums and other Web 2.0. sites where you can participate.

I can of course help you with any or all of these requirements to make your web presence a success. Please don’t hesitate to visit my contact page and let me know what you require.

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