I’ve just completed a website for a Facebook group named ‘Field Radio’. They wanted a website they could add content to and update themselves and I was happy to help. The group is growing rapidly and they wanted a site that various people could add content to etc. so they are not reliant on one person. They also wanted to ensure that they were not reliant on a web developer every time they wanted to add something new.

I’ve built their website using the WordPress platform and I’ve used the Flexsqueeze theme as I do for all sites. This means that not only do they have access to the easy to use WordPress functionality but they also have a simple to use control panel, some of which is shown below.

I’m focusing most of my efforts on training my clients in how to use these installations. This site was built without any need for a graphic designer whatsoever using the theme tools so if you are looking for a website speak with me first. You can check out the Field Radio website at http://www.fieldradio.org.

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