Looking for help with your website?
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Let’s face it, getting help with your website can be extremely frustrating!
It becomes even more so when you are not technology/IT savvy. There’s no shortage of so-called experts ready to dazzle you with endless jargon and it can very quickly overwhelm you.

If you are looking for someone who can help with your requirements then look no further.

Don’t Panic, I Can Help!

Here are some of the areas I can assist you with. Looking for something not listed? Please don’t hesitate to contact me and i’ll let you know if I can be of assistance.

Facebook/Social Media

E-commerce Websites

DIY Websites

Website Design

Existing Website Review

Mobile/Responsive Sites

Search Engine Optimization

Website Consulting

So How Do You Get Started?

I’ve put together a free mini email course that will help you on your way. To enroll, simply enter your first name and email address on the right and I’ll do the rest.

You will receive lots of information and ideas including the following important topics:-

  • Tips on choosing an effective domain name.
  • Getting to know your ideal customers.
  • Finding and selecting keyword phrases to target.
  • Determining your website goals.

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My Promise to You

  • I will provide an initial consultation free of charge where I will find out what you are seeking.
  • I will advise if I can help and provide a fixed price quotation for full projects where possible. I will disclose all costs including those of any third party/vendor.
  • I will use as little jargon as possible. Yes, there are times when this is unavoidable and when necessary, I will explain it in plain English!
  • I will ensure that you are not left in a lurch with any website/Ecommerce site that I build and I will ensure that you know how to operate and maintain it.
  • I will take the time to ensure you are comfortable with its operation.
  • I will provide you with full access to your website. You own it and can work on it yourself or take it elsewhere. There are no contracts or binding agreements preventing you from doing whatever you want with your site.