When planning their website, most people go straight to a designer but there’s a lot to consider before your website is built..

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Current Site Review

I can review your existing website or blog to see if it is meeting your goals and recommend ways you can improve it…

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Web Development

Whether you are seeking a simple website or something with more involved functionality such as a database, I can help…

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website hosting

Website Hosting

Looking for somewhere reliable to host your website? I can help.


Webmaster Services

I can help with various website requirements including installing/updating scripts and blog installations…

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DIY (do it yourself) website

DIY Website

Looking for a website you can set up and manage yourself? I can help where needed…

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If you are looking for someone who can assist you with setting up an effective website, then you’ve come to the right place. I build websites that:-

  • Are simple to use, navigate and quick loading. You want your visitors to view what you’ve got to offer quickly, right!
  • Work in all the main internet browsers, without the need for annoying add-ons or plugins. There’s nothing more frustrating than visiting a website and being greeted with an ugly message informing you that something else needs to be installed before you can access any of its content is there!
  • Are easily read and navigated on mobile/tablet devices with their differing screen sizes including Apple Iphones/Ipads, Android devices and tablets. More and more people are using devices other than a home computer to view your website and it’s important to make their viewing experience a pleasurable one. Requiring them to squint their eyes to view your content or resize text is not going to help.  +
  • Are search engine friendly.
  • Are easily updated and maintained using the popular WordPress platform.
+ Did you know that since April, 2015 Google has given websites preferential treatment that are mobile device friendly? If you’re not sure whether your site is up to scratch, check out Google’s free checker here.

More and more people are accessing the internet using their smartphone or tablet and you will lose potential customers unless they can quickly and easily find and view what they need from your website.

Also be sure to check out my DIY page if you are looking for a website you can build yourself with a helping hand when needed. :-)

To make your website presence effective you need to find innovative ways to reach your target customers and…. I can help!